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Well I’ve been kayaking for about 20 years here in Northland New Zealand and had many kayaks over the years like the prowlers / vikings and everything in between

Now paddling the stealth fisha 500 nearly a year and still amazes me the difference between the glass kayak to the plastic kayak

The first thing I noticed was the weight it’s about 10kgs lighter than my previous kayak so easy to handle on and off the water . The sitting position is one of the most comfortable kayaks I have ever paddle and can be out on the for 12 hours now with no back or leg pain at all

Paddling the 500  is so much easier than my other plastic kayaks and it takes half the effort to get it up to speed . According to my GPS I’m averaging 8.25kph each trip which is about 2kph faster than the fastest Kayak I had

I’m finding it very stable in all kinds of weather conditions and with the front hatch allowing all my fish rods and tackle to go into there is no problems with gear being broken or lost in any surf

So in a nutshell I’ve been paddling plastic kayak for many years but paddling a stealth now for a year I don’t think I’ll ever go back to plastic again

As they say plastic is fantastic BUT GLASS IS CLASS



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