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Jason Clendon – Fisha 500

  Well I’ve been kayaking for about 20 years here in Northland New Zealand and had many kayaks over the years like the prowlers / vikings and everything in between Now paddling the stealth fisha 500 nearly a year and

Justin Tunnage – Pro Fisha 525

    I have been paddling the Pro Fisha 525 most weekends for the last 12 months and my goodness, have we had some adventures! I was initially attracted to Stealth Kayaks due to their sleek lines, proclaimed speed and

ProFisha 575 Review

The Pro Fisha 575 is approximately 1mph faster than the Fisha. Its turning radius is not as tight and with its longer hull it takes a few extra strokes to turn it up into a stiff wind. That said, once

Fisha 500 Review

The Fisha 500 has a slightly wider and flatter hull. It is approximately 1 mph faster than a similar rotomolded polyethylene kayak. It is nimble and turns on a dime. The foot wells are a bit wider so those who

Stealth Kayaks ProFisha 575 Review | final

Stealth Kayaks ProFisha 575 Review | final

Here’s my final review of the Stealth ProFisha 575 kayak

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