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Welcome to the first of our NZ newsletters. We will endeavour to communicate with you all via our newsletter approx. every 3 – 4 months and of course, drop you some important news and intel as it unfolds.
As I am sure most of you are aware this is our first season of active involvement in the NZ market and we are excited at the interest and  growth ahead.

What’s going on

The fishing season has seen some nice catches of Kingfish and Snapper as well as a record Marlin not from a kayak (but watch this space).
In the recent Centurion Beach and Boat Competition held in Northland during February, one of the newest members to the Stealth Kayaks NZ family, Justin Tunnage, managed a first place win on both days in the kayak section.  He did this with the biggest John Dory, on day one and biggest Trevally, on day two. Well done Justin on flying the Stealth flag high.
As some of you may be aware Brett form Stealth South Africa and the factory was looking to be here during the course of March however he somehow missed the memo on the need for a visa now and has since applied and we will keep you in the loop once the trip over has been confirmed. Brett’s intentions are to not only visit the NZ base but to hold some paddling clinics and a fun family and demo day where we will also try get as many of the Stealth supporters together. We will most certainly keep you all posted once we can confirm all of these details.


Up and coming events

Of interest to avid kayak fishermen would be the upcoming Hirepool Leigh Fishing Contest on Saturday, 25 March 2017 at Leigh. This is a family event with both an Adult and Junior section.
Then the biggest kayak only fishing comp in New Zealand, the Taranaki Kayak Fishing Classic is on the 8/9 April held in Oakura, Taranaki.


Welcome new members

We would like to welcome some of our new Stealth Family members and hope you have many hours of happy paddling lined up with plenty of fishy stories. We also encourage you our new members to make use of our community pages on the website where you can submit your latest photos and adventures to the website for everyone to see and enjoy.

Wayne Boyd- Fisha 500                                       Miles Martyn- Fisha 460

Brook Tyrrell- ProFisha 525                                Brigham Meynell- Fisha 460


Species of the month

Yellowtail Kingfish have been the species we have been targeting successfully of late. These extremely powerful gamefish are suckers for a slow trolled livebait (mainly jack mack) with a 6/0 to 8/0 snelled circle hook, through the nostril. These livebaits are trolled roughly 15 – 25 metres behind the yak on a very light drag, either on the top or near the bottom (sinker with an elastic band 5 to 10 metres up the leader). Once the bait is picked up, the fish is allowed to run, to successfully swallow the bait. Remembering only to tighten up, no striking is necessary. The circle hook will do the work for you.



Angler of the month

Angler: Justin Tunnage
Stealth weapon of choice: Pro Fisha 525
Preferred fishing methods: micro-jigging, soft-baiting and live-baiting

Where do you normally fish?
I like to get out at least once a week and hit a local Auckland ground such as Orere Point if I am chasing snapper or Leigh if I am after Kingies.  Then approximately once a month I’ll join a couple of other keen “yakkers” and trek up north for the weekend, targeting big fish anywhere from Tutukaka up to Cape Karikari.

What technique has been working well for you lately?
Using micro-jigs on Kingies.  This is a technique that I am still refining, however I have found speed-jigging a 40-60gm micro-jig in 20-30m of water on my soft-bait setup an extremely effective technique for targeting Kingfish.  For example, last weekend we spent 3 hours trolling live Jack Mack’s around schools of Kingies with no success.  We could see them schooling under the yak, but they just wouldn’t take the livie.  I then proceeded to speed-jig the micro-jig and WHAM!  It is never easy taming a Kingfish on such light gear so I have lost a few jigs in the process of learning what works best

What are your fishing goals for the remainder of 2017?
The plan is more trips up north with friends and secure my first 1m+ Kingfish and a 20lb+ Snapper.  I may not need to travel that far though as there is a couple of spots in the inner Hauraki that hold big Snapper over the winter months.


Special of the month- Rod leash

The rod leash is an extremely popular item for the avid kayak fisherman and sometimes also the best form of insurance for your rods you can buy.The missing rod is often lost not while we are holding it or watching but rather the split second where we rest it down while attending to something else on the kayak.The Stealth rod leash is very cleverly designed- with a coiled leash that allows up to 2m of stretch  while using the rod there is never a reason to unclip your rods.The neat and nifty little double Velcro system to fit around the rod and reel makes it simple and easy to use without getting tangles.There is also a neat little eyelet on here where you can hook your  hooks or lures onto while the rods are out and the leashes clipped on.
For the month of March and November you will be able to purchase one of these leashes for $20 instead of the usual $25 saving you some hard earned cash.



Keep your lines tight and your hatches full.

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