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Flushmount Fishfinder lid

A fiberglass press moulded lid with a shiny smooth finish on both sides. Purposely designed to be able to flush mount your fishfinder. The lid makes it easy to look at and see the screen while you are paddling and

Splash Cover-Velcro

The Velcro splash cover is a splash strip for the front of the hatch. This splash strip is a Velcro system that allows you to easily change from your std fish hatch lid to your flush mount fish finder lid.

Battery Box with velcro

A small fibreglass box that we make to house your battery in. This keeps your battery above the bottom of the fish hatch and out of potential water. The box itself fits into the wall of the fish hatch keeping the

Battery Charger

A basic battery charger used to recharge your 12V battery.

Battery 12V, 1.4A

A small rechargeable 12V battery about the size of your fist. Very cost effective and affordable this basic battery gives you enough power to keep a bottom of the range fishfinder unit running for around 3 hrs.